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Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)
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Enterprise Resource
Planning (ERP)

A full service provider of SAP solutions, we offer our customers a broad range of SAP consulting and support services.

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Enterprise Management

Regarding global ERP solutions, SAP Business One stands head and shoulders above the rest. This scalable business management software integrates all the business processes, providing actionable insights in real time thereby enabling you to make better decisions fast.

Azer Gate IT Solutions Technologies has over 4 years of experience in helping enterprise level businesses. Our team of SAP certified consultants works closely with our clients to understand and assess their business requirements.

Financial Management

Today, business decision makers face a greater need for fast, relevant and accurate business information than ever before. SAP Business One can help; it offers robust financial, managerial accounting, and reporting functionality to ensure confident decision-making.

SAP Financials offers a complete, integrated financial management solution to ensure strict compliance and predictable business performance. The software provides support for accounts payable, accounts receivable, fixed assets, inventory and cash accounting.

Platform Management

Platform Management Module in SAP Business One enables sound decisions by capturing all decisive information across sales, operations, customers, and finance – making it immediately available company-wide.

By integrating all the business data in one system instead of multiple disjointed spreadsheets, it eliminates duplicate data entry, costs, and related mistakes. Work flow-based alerts trigger automatic responses when major business events occur, allowing you to focus on the most critical events.


SAP Business One version for SAP HANA combines the power and speed of in-memory processing with the ability to analyze huge amounts of business data from every aspect of your organization—enabling small and mid-sized companies to eliminate time lags between business events and decisions.

The software helps transform the enterprise by addressing current needs while delivering the scalability needed for future growth. You can analyze all the available data regardless of its source and respond nimbly to ever-changing business conditions.


Either you manufacture to stock or manufacture to order, your biggest challenge is to produce customised products at mass manufacturing capabilities. Your growth is reliant on your ability to drive every last piece of efficiency out of your operation: obtaining source materials, streamlining manufacturing processes and aligning supply and demand to ensure lean inventory levels.

With SAP Business One you can integrate every aspect of your manufacturing business from sales and order management, through to procurement of source material, manufacturing, and distribution. It enables you to align supply with demand and put you back in control of your operation.


As a retailer, you know that the retail business is all about finding new ways to deliver personalized shopping experiences and it is not just about selling your products at the lowest possible price. The empowered customer has radically changed retail.

To remain competitive, it’s imperative for brands to give consumers the products, information and personalized shopping experience they desire – whenever and wherever they want. Retail management software from SAP can help you streamline process amongst all your retail channels and optimize performance to cater for all customer behaviors.

Wholesale & Distribution

Business transformation is essential in the wholesale & distribution industry today. Distributors can reinvent themselves by leveraging technology to optimise their business processes, collaborate closely with their partners, and expand their reach beyond the conventional boundaries. You don’t run a generic business. So why use generic solutions?

SAP provides tailored solutions specific to the wholesale & distribution industry. These solutions help you achieve excellent business performance while effectively managing your entire organization – people, physical assets, business processes, and technology.


Every industry has its difficulties. Whether it is supporting specific processes, satisfying industry standards, or complying with government legislation, SAP Business One offers a range of industry-specific solutions designed. In addition to all the SAP Business One functionality, each industry solution extends support for additional functions based on your business’s processes and industry best practices.

Having worked with hundreds of customers across many leading industries, Azer Gate IT Solutions’s team of expert Consultants have the complete industry knowledge to ensure SAP Business One is a fit for your small business’ specific needs and processes.

Fastest Integration of GST Data into ERP

The correct utilization of the ERP system is essential in any business. With the advent of new GST reforms, the relevant implementation of the new orders in the ERP system is one of the most important tasks.

However, if done correctly, it would only serve to promote your business and make things simpler for you. The process might seem complex, but things are easier than they look. Above all, if you integrate GST accounting with ERP now, you are less likely to feel daunted about all the paperwork and compliances. It will be one of those business decisions you’ll be glad you exercised.

SAP Business One

The SAP Business One application is an affordable, comprehensive solution that provides functionality for every core process you need to run your entire business. Designed specifically for small businesses, it’s quick to install, and more importantly, straightforward to maintain and use.


SAP HANA – the database of choice for running SAP solutions. All new SAP Business One implementations are being installed on the SAP HANA database. As one of the trusted SAP Business One providers, Azer Gate IT Solutions Technologies understands what it takes to install/migrate to this advanced SAP environment.

SAP Solutions

50+ Dedicated Resources
20+ Categories

Azer Gate IT Solutions Technologies’ consulting track record spans over 4 years of SAP Business One know-how. You’ll discover an IT partner who understands SAP Business One solutions inside out along with your industry.

We are adept enough to help fit an SAP Business One solution that exactly meets your goals.

Cloud  Solutions

Cloud Solutions

SAP HANA – The database of choice for running SAP solutions.

Mobility Solutions

Mobility Solutions

SAP mobile applications provide you with an easy and fast way to mobilize.

Reporting & Analytics

Reporting & Analytics

Reporting & analytic tools help you access the most critical business information.

Support Services

Support Services

Azer Gate IT Solutions Technologies is a certified end-to-end SAP support partner.



SAP Implementation provides business and technology integration services.

Custom Solutions

Custom Solutions

SAP Custom Solutions help you thrive in the digital economy.



As an SAP Authorised Partner, we take pride in our training delivery.


Partner Program

A Partner with Market Credibility

Join our expanding network of channel and strategic partners and deliver mutual success. Accelerate your margin, sales, and transformation by joining the best-in-class Azer Gate IT Solutions Technologies Partner Program – whether you’re a solution provider, systems integrator, reseller, or service provider.

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  • Selling with ResellerSelling with Reseller

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