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Digital Transform
Digital Transformation


Why Digital Transformation?

Because the Future Belongs to the Fast.

At its core, the digital era is all about speed.

Everything needs to go faster from application release cycles to customer service to managing incidents and other internal support issues. Competitive differentiation, customer loyalty, and superior business outcomes all depend on hitting the accelerator on business processes. And all of those processes depend on infrastructure. Your business can only go as fast as its IT infrastructure.

The Next Question is how do you embrace DIGITAL?

Once you come to the conclusion that digital transformation is the linchpin to future success, the key issue becomes implementation. Digital Transformation is a journey and should be undertaken after careful consideration. By adding ever increasing levels of intelligence to transformation, you can make the business value of transformation growth.

IOT & Machine Learning
IOT amp: Machine Learning

IOT & Machine Learning

To improve accuracy, agility, time to market, and quality drastically.

As the IoT and data grow, human driven investigation of data becomes less and less effective, errors and missed opportunities become more prevalent.

Machine Learning can improve the way we interrogate our data and the way we use the insights derived from that data. Whether exploring oil reserves, improving the safety of automobiles, or mapping genomes, machine learning algorithms are at the heart of business intelligence.

Digital Strategy
& Innovation

Becoming a digitally mature enterprise and accelerating digital journey.

What separates digital leaders from the rest is a clear digital strategy combined with a culture and leadership poised to drive the transformation. By embracing digital strategic thinking and a programmatic approach to business process change, organizations can better engage with customers and deliver mass customized products and services that drive differentiation and outperformance.

Successful organizations operate with a clear business direction, using a vision and roadmap that define the way forward.

Without employing strategic instruments, businesses would focus only on solving today’s problems and fail to create continuous value for stakeholders. Azer Gate IT Solutions Technologies’ new digital solutions offer an opportunity to improve how organizations compete and create a foundation for outperforming rivals near and far.

Digital Reboot Become Digital by Default

Digital Technology
Enablement & Integration

Technology is intertwined in nearly every aspect of the enterprise today.

Integration of digital technologies can enable new ways of generating and safeguarding competitive advantage. In a world driven by disruptive technology, innovative organizations now have the power to improve their service offering by investing, creating and inventing game changing products that not only provide a better way of doing things but also hold commercial value. Digital enablers would integrate not only hardware and software but also be a part of decision-making with the help of emerging technologies like IoT, machine learning and more.

67% of CEOs feel technological disruption is making them reassess strategic direction.

Digital technologies are fundamentally changing the nature of business growth.

52% of global business leaders feel substantial risk in revenue trends from technology shifts.

The transition from legacy state to digitally transform requires a holistic approach.

Digital Content Strategy
Digital Content Strategy

Digital Content Strategy

We are strategizing digital database dictionary to record it and make timeless with minimum operation costing. Such database would give us the capability to enhance engagement as a part of Digital Outreach program.

Digitizing Your Database Architecture

Transforming Documents and Data Retention Digitally to change the way you save and manage your database with our digital management system. We provide content podium for your documents wherever it is created and they are compiled securely.

Shaping Best Digital Documentation Practices

Providing high capacity content management tools that manage your database and create a digital gallery of your enterprise documents. We help to accelerate business document processing with optimum technology utilization.

Innovative Products

Products created as answers to challenges that take the
right path to commercial success.
Lime Software
Lime Software

Help customers protect themselves from decisions based on assumptions, not facts.

Lime provides customers with a set of software tools that enable organizations to optimize their Oracle License Investment. It delivers cost-effective solutions that provide a complete integral license position without compromising on performance. It is architected to meet stringent scalability, availability, and security demands.


Strategic Human Resource Management

HRMS is the web enabled HR software providing core HR functionality with reporting capabilities.

The software provides total core HR functionality with robust reporting capabilities and meets the unique needs of every HR department. It makes managing your people easy, time efficient and cost effective while you can focus on growing the business.

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